VIDEO: Wrist watch blasted into space and comes back down to earth in Melton

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A wrist watch, shot into outer space to prove it can withstand the most extreme conditions, has landed back on earth in Melton Mowbray.

G-SHOCK has sent a watch on a record-breaking galactic mission into space, marking the release of its latest GRAVITYMASTER timepiece.

The G-SHOCK watch’s voyage also featured a 123-metre free fall to earth, at speeds of 65km per hour, to test its unbreakable credentials - and it landed in Melton!

Blasting off from Yorkshire using the latest NASA-approved space balloon, the watch’s galactic journey included travelling to 44.1km above the earth, surviving temperatures of minus 58 degrees, and travelling 25km past the limit where human blood boils.

Commenting on the watch’s journey into space, Tim Gould, Deputy Managing Director of Casio UK, said, “G-SHOCK was born from a desire to create the world’s first unbreakable watch, that could resist gravity, magnetic fields, extreme high and low temperatures and the highest of g-forces.

“We’re proud this mission into space has once again proved that these watches are the toughest on earth, able to survive and operate in the harshest conditions known to mankind.”