Residents still without water after E-coli detected in Vale village nearly a week ago

Some residents of Barkestone le Vale are still without water almost a week after traces of E-coli were understood to have been detected in the supply.

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Latest news EMN-191107-104128001

We reported earlier this week that a Severn Trent work team discovered issues with the main pipe after carrying out routine maintenance on Friday.

People living in 30 households have been told, as a precaution, not to drink water from their taps until it has been declared safe and the water board has given them bottled water in the meantime.

A Severn Trent spokesperson told the Melton Times today (Thursday): “Since Friday we’ve been working hard to disinfect the pipe affected and we’ve been taking regular samples of the water.

“Once we’re absolutely sure that the water is back to normal, we will lift the restrictions.

“In the meantime we’ve been providing bottled water for everyone affected and keeping them informed of what’s happening.

“We’re incredibly sorry this has happened - we know that this is a huge inconvenience for everyone affected, but water quality is of paramount importance and we need to make sure the water is back to its normal great standard.”