New prices announced for leisure centres in Melton

Changes to prices at Melton Sports Village and the town's Waterfield Leisure Centre have been unveiled.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 15th January 2018, 4:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 9:27 am
Waterfield Leisure Centre's swimming pool PHOTO: Supplied EMN-180115-163403001
Waterfield Leisure Centre's swimming pool PHOTO: Supplied EMN-180115-163403001

A swim only gym membership will go up £1 to £22.20 a month, and there will be the same rise for senior, daytime and parent gym members, to £28.95.

The cost of a casual gym session goes up 20p to £7.10 and a casual swim by 10p to £4.05.

Casual users will pay an extra 15p for a 45-minute class and 40p for a 30-minute class.

Party costs, for ‘bounce and soft play’ and ‘Wet N Wild’ each go up from £85 to £89.95.

Those booking swimming lessons will pay an extra 50p, with the new charge £4.95.

The three categories of membership at Melton Sports Village each rise by £1.50 per month.

The new prices were published on the agenda for Melton Council’s community and social affairs committee, which meets on Tuesday January 23,

A report states: “The current contract relationship with SLM for both Waterfield Leisure Centre and Melton Sports Village allows SLM to reasonably review fees and charges on an annual basis to ensure that they sustain the financial business plan and also continue to attract high levels of participation.

“Waterfield Leisure Centre continues to attract high number of visitors and is sustaining the number of people participating in a range of activities at the centre since the councils refurbishment investment.”

Attendances at both leisure venues have increased markedly over the last year, with 331,666 visiting Waterfield Leisure Centre and 27,319 going to Melton Sports Village in 2017, compared to 315,607 and 16,575, respectively, in 2016.