Customers seek reimbursement after family events ruined at hotel near Melton

A couple who had their £6,000 wedding reception ruined by it being held in a freezing cold marquee, and a family who turned up for a memorial wake only to find the venue closed, are among those seeking compensation from the former owners of Scalford Hall Hotel.

Wednesday, 26th September 2018, 5:45 pm
Updated Wednesday, 26th September 2018, 5:49 pm
Dr Gyles and Vanetta Morrison at their wedding reception at Scalford Hall Hotel. PHOTO Megan Wilson EMN-180926-121808001

The hotel closed last month for the second time this year, leaving several customers out of pocket as they await deposits being returned, and compensation claims being settled.

Dr Gyles Morrison and wife, Vanetta, held their wedding reception there for 330 guests in March, but around half of them left early because the venue was so cold.

Dr Morrison was also concerned for the health of his new bride, who has sickle cell anaemia, which means she can need hospital treatment if she is exposed to low temperatures for any length of time.

The wedding reception at Scalford Hall Hotel for Dr Gyles and Vanetta Morrison. PHOTO Megan Wilson EMN-180926-121818001

“My wife had bare shoulders at the wedding but it was so cold at the reception she had to wear a shawl,” said Dr Morrison (31).

“They brought in some heaters but they took a long time to work, and about 150 guests went home early because of the cold.

“I was in tears on my wedding day because of it, and that shouldn’t happen.”

The couple were offered £1,000 compensation but have heard nothing since the hotel closed.

The sudden closure of the hotel was a surprise to Richard Hope when he arrived with relatives for an afternoon tea booked to follow the interment of his mother’s ashes at the Thorpe Road cemetery in Melton on August 29.

He paid a £150 deposit for the meal for 10 guests, including elderly relations, but they found a note on the door saying it was closed.

Mr Hope said: “It was a bit of a surprise to turn up and find the place was closed.

“It had been difficult to get a response from them when I called beforehand to check the booking and that struck me as a bit strange.

“We had to ring around at the last minute for another venue and luckily the Anne of Cleves in Melton were able to fit us in at short notice for a meal.”

Mr Hope has tried contacting the previous owners to ask for the return of his deposit but has so far been unsuccessful.

The Melton Times has asked for a comment from the hotel’s administrators but we did not receive it at the time of going to press.

l New owners are taking over the hotel and have organised a staff recruitment day.