Let’s hear it for the students of MV16

The MV16 cast of Footloose
The MV16 cast of Footloose

FOOTLOOSE is an upbeat musical featuring such 80s classics as Holding Out For A Hero, Hear It for The Boy and, of course, the title track, writes Michael Cooke.

As such it was a great choice for Melton Vale Post 16 Centre’s latest show and cast, band and crew surpassed themselves with a foot-tapping spectacular which had everything - excellent vocal performances and well-choreographed dance routines, drama and plenty of humour, too.

There were strong performances from all the leads, Roly Clarke, Yolanda Offodile, Olivia Bailey, Matthew Bloomfield and the outstanding Rosie Evans.

But, in truth, all the cast deserve credit with many taking on more than one role to help tell the story and explore the themes of loss, love and redemption.

The cast were well directed by Amy Breeze and backed up by the tight band of Dave Wilson, Sean Graham, Joe Broughton, Maddie Dale and Jill Wallis.

This was a cracking show, fully deserving of the loud applause and appreciative whistles it received as the cast performed their encore.