Stoke Rochford Gofl Club: Three-way battle for Autumn Cup

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The latest local golf news
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There was a close finish as Stoke Rochford GC seniors played their Autumn Cup competition last week.

Mike Nixon’s score of 36 points were enough to win him the cup on countback from second-placed Greg Ewart, thanks to 19 points on the back nine, just ahead of Greg’s 18.

Third-placed Graham Manton also racked up 36 points, but with a back nine of 13, having scored 23 points on the front nine.

* Having won their home encounter six days earlier, Stoke Rochford GC seniors were quickly brought back to earth when they played the return match at Belton Park.


Scores: Brian White/Jim McArthur lost 1-down; Eddie Malloy/Don Werner lost 4 and 3; Barry Coop/Roger Green won 6 and 5; Brian Keightley/David Hamilton lost 6 and 4; Mick Rance/Steve Major lost 4 and 3; Peter Gill/Phil White lost 2 and 1; Roger Smith/Graham Manton halved; Glyn Staines/Mike Nixon lost 1-down.