Assassins put on a good show

The Assassin Muay Thai Boxing Club held their second show of the year at the Sarson Centre in Melton on Saturday.

Promoter Mark Barlow said: "This show was probably the hardest show I've organised. We knew doing a show on a Bank Holiday weekend would be tough, but we had a number of fighters pulling out through injury and work commitments.

"The attendance wasn't as big as normal, but it was important to do the show so our up-and-coming stars could get more experience."

The evening began with Harry Carnell having his first bout on a big show tackling a fighter from Stoke Terminators, the bout ending in a draw.

Luke Kelly's opponent failed to turn up so fellow Assassin Ali Hussian stepped in at 30 minutes notice in another drawn contest.

Thai Barlow took on Ryan Bayley, from Birmingham's Pythons Gym. This was a good bout over four rounds with Thai winning on points.

Troy Attewell faced Jack Day, from Weymouth, who weighed in light so the bout became an interclub which was drawn.

Kane Chamberlain dominated his first kick boxing bout and won on points. Michael Robinson was keen to put the record straight against Southampton's Richard Harding who had beaten him in Southampton 18 months ago.

Barlow said: "Michael was up for this and started throwing bombs from the bell."

Several big punches caught Harding cold before a left hook put him on the canvas. Harding carried on after an eight count and made it to the end of the first round.

Robinson was told to pick his shots in the second round which he did and again put Harding down, and again he got to his feet. But Robinson caught him with another big punch and the towel was thrown in from the Southampton man's corner.

The first of the internationals pitted Aaron Watson against Egar Manowski, from Poland. This bout was well-matched with the Pole the heavier at the weigh-in, but the Assassin the stronger hitter over five hard rounds, Watson taking the bout on points.

First of the England v Holland bouts saw Aston Grewcock in action over three rounds against a well-schooled Dutch fighter.

Aston went to work straight away, catching his opponent with good kicks and then a knee to the stomach which put the Dutchman on the canvas, the referee stopping the bout.

The last bout of the night saw Iman Barlow face Suwelya Ozturk, from Holland. Again Ozturk came out confidently but Iman went to work, catching her opponent with several big kicks to the ribs and a superb front kick to the face. Ozturk looked dejected and was on the back foot.

In the second round Iman was told not to go out fast and be careful of a big punch.

But she still pressured Ozturk, catching her with a straight knee to the stomach before unloading big punches and kicks. Ozturk had no answer and her coach threw in the towel and Iman won on a technical knockout.

The Assassins would like to thank all the sponsors who helped to put the show on.