Letters to the Melton Times - 12 January 2012

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Leave ban in place

THE hunting ban should NOT be repealed but I find it incredible that a law was needed in the first place to stop people, who would try to convince us that they are civilised, from enjoying watching one animal tear apart another. Or maybe I shouldn’t be as these people are, presumably, descended from those who thought pushing children up chimneys was acceptable, too.

This is a minority (exactly what percentage of the population hunts?) and the law was introduced following a full democratic process.

The only thing wrong with this law is that it is not being enforced with the vigour required.

A Gregory


WHAT a surprise to see the hunt in full public view over new year. It’s not their normal practise unfortunately as they prefer to operate without public scrutiny.

Perhaps someone could explain to me why the law is described as ‘failed’.

Those in favour of repeal ought to consider the possible unintended consequences - a Parliamentary review could result in stronger legislation.

Trevor Eardley


Time to repeal Act

SINCE the introduction of a ban on hunting foxes with hounds, the biggest loser has been the fox population. It has been decimated by indiscriminate shooting, trapping and gassing.

If a poll were to be offered to people who understand the countryside and the delicate balance of nature, they would send a resounding YES to repeal the ban.

Rad Thomas


THE Hunting Act is an unworkable law. More and more people are hunting and finding out about the countryside and the importance of field sports.

This was clear by the amazing numbers who turned out to support the Quorn Hunt on Boxing Day at Prestwold, and on every hunting day across the country.



ALL lovers of freedom must believe the Act should be repealed. It had nothing to do with hunting and everything to do with failed social engineering. Let’s get rid of this embarrassment on the Statute Book.

Paul Chenery

Brooke, Rutland

WE, as a family of five, definitely feel the Hunting Act should be repealed. It not only protects the natural countryside but is a country sport bringing local communities together.

Zoe Mossman

Cold Newton

I attended the New Year meet of the Quorn Hunt in Play Close, Melton.It was a beautiful morning and lovely spectacle. There were 65 mounted followers and a huge enthusiastic crowd. I would like to add my name to the list to have the hunting ban rescinded.


Thorpe Satchville

Having hunted in Leicestershire for over 35 years (now retired age 78) I am positive the Hunting Act should be repealed. It tries to make criminals of, in the main, respectable law abiding citizens.

Bryan J Simpson


I attended the New Year meet in Melton on my horse, and I was very encouraged by the support from Melton residents, both young and old. Surely this shows that the Hunting Act is not popular and should be repealed?

Laetitia Thompson

by email

Economy setting

IN response to last week’s letter ‘Watch the Pennies’ Melton Council wishes to inform readers that when Phoenix House was refurbished following the 2008 fire, the replacement boilers were more energy efficient than the original boilers.

The boilers and the heating settings at Phoenix House were considered over the Christmas/New Year period and on December 22 they were switched to the economy setting – this is the lowest heat setting which should keep the premises at an approximate heat of 16C.

The building was closed from December 22 to January 3 and the property was checked on Christmas Eve.

David Blanchard

Corporate property officer,

Melton Borough Council

Turn the lights off

There were at least 20 lights switched on at the Melton Council Offices car park at parkside on Boxing Day afternoon. This has also been the case on two recent Sunday evenings.

I agree with the new policy of reduced street lighting at appropriate times to save money, and it is time Melton Council applied this to its own premises.

John Haywood

Heather Crescent, Melton

School holidays

I WISH to vent my frustration at the lunacy regarding the school Christmas holiday dates.

As a parent of a child who attends Brownlow I wonder if the school can offer a decent answer as to why, after having over two weeks off, it feels the need to have teacher training on the first day back of the new term not least when it is only five weeks to the half-term break.


Elgin Drive, Melton

Right of reply

Brownlow headteacher Damian Turrell said: “Schools are legally obliged to hold non-teaching, work days for staff, for training purposes. These ‘teacher days’ are determined by the local authority, although there is a degree of flexibility, so that an individual school can plan to suit its own circumstances.

“Parents are always given plenty of notice about these training days and, where possible, the days are planned to fall at the end or at the beginning of a school term.

“In this particular example, the school was unable to secure the services of its training provider before the Christmas break, and thus opted to hold its training day in January.”

WI has much to offer

I WAS very pleased to read about the new Women’s Institute at Old Dalby and I wish them every success. It is superb that there is already a large membership and a wide range in the age of members.

In case other readers are interested in becoming a member of the WI, I thought they may be interested to know there are WIs in many of the surrounding villages, including Barsby (meetings at Ashby Folville), Burton Lazars, Gaddesby, Harby, Hoby, Long Clawson, Rearsby, Scalford, Thrussington, Waltham-on-the-Wolds, Wymondham, plus two in Melton – Melton Afternoon and Melton Mowbray.

While many people will know of the WI for ‘Jam and Jerusalem’, there are so many more activities – lots of meals and social events, computers, craft days, driving techniques, theatre trips, garden visits, indoor bowls, skittles, darts, science days, walks, plus training events and trips to London and other places of interest organised by the Leicestershire WI County Federation. The list is endless, as we all welcome suggestions from visitors and members. These are in addition to the monthly meetings, when there are a variety of interesting speakers and social time.

If you are interested in finding out more about this organisation with the catchphrase of ‘Inspiring Women’, give the WI a quick call on (0116) 266 1342 or email wihouseleics@aol.com

Angela Fielding

Group secretary for the Wreake Valley WI Group

Please put me in touch

MANY years ago I lost the address of a friend, Mrs Margaret Rose Fillbin of Asfordby. She now lives in Melton and will be 73 in March and I’m asking readers for help to put me back in touch.

My name is John Otton email jotton@xtra.co.nz or skype john.otton1

John Otton

56 Wildish Street, Gisborne

New Zealand