Samworth boss backs mobile phone protest

WEDNESDAY 2PM: The chief executive of Samworth Brothers has backed the campaign to stop a mobile phone mast being built in Melton.

Brian Stein (60) suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity which causes him immense pain whenever he is near an electronic source which he says was caused by prolonged use of a mobile phone.

The symptoms are so bad he has banned computers and other equipment from his workplace - one of the largest private employers in Leicestershire.

At a meeting about the dangers of mobile phone masts held at King Edward VII School on Monday evening, he praised residents on the Wimpey Estate for their efforts and warned against complacency.

The meeting was called to gather more support for the protest which has seen campaigners mount a round-the-clock vigil from a caravan on the site.

Mr Stein, who is also chairman of the Radiation Research Trust, said: "In France, masts are being taken down because the mobile phone industry is failing to prove they are safe. You don't see much of that in the British press.

"Until we know the truth about these masts, our councils should not be allowing people to put masts up willy nilly around our towns. .

"When the truth is revealed you will be horrified and you will have heard it here first because everything I have said will be proved scientifically."

Mr Stein told the meeting that he suffered 'horrendous pain, like his ear drums had exploded' the last time he used a mobile phone and the situation had got so bad he could no longer watch tv, use a dishwasher or drive a modern car.

He believes mobile phones are the cause of this problem, and said a mast would be much worse because it would be 24 hours a day.

He added that the Government and many scientists are in cahoots with the mobile phone industry with evidence of the damage it can cause to health being suppressed.

He likened the cover up to the tobacco companies and asbestos producers.

And his comments were backed up by retired physicist Dr Dick Evans, who lives across the road from the proposed mast on the corner of Grange Drive and Sapcote Drive.

He said: "I'm a physicist, not a Luddite. I think if there is any danger of unknowns of any risk to health, then were should stop it happening. Which is more important, downloading the latest Michael Jackson tribute video or some rubbishy Hollywood film or our children's health?"

Dr Rob Matthews, Vodafone's EMF advisory unit manager, said: "We recognise some communities are concerned regarding the deployment of radio base stations within residential areas but without radio base stations, mobile phones will not be able to work."

He added that all masts work within international guidelines backed by the World Health Organisation.

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