Jesus' face in chocolate cookie

THURSDAY 8AM: Turin has a shroud, Paris a piece of the True Cross and Melton a chocolate biscuit.

Lois Preira, of Ullswater Road, was enjoying a cookie and a cup of tea when she noticed a face in the melted chocolate on the plate.

She said: "I was enjoying the cookie and when I picked it up I saw a face. When I looked at, I immediately thought that's definitely the face of Jesus. It looked just like the Turin Shroud. I felt I had to keep the plate because nobody would believe me otherwise."

And Photographer Jim Harrison was taken aback when he snapped the image.

He said: "I couldn't see anything and didn't believe a word of it until I had taken the picture. But when I looked at the photograph on the camera, there it was, plain as day."

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FACE OF CHRIST?: Lois Preira with the cookie and melted chocolate with the face of Jesus PHOTO: JIM HARRISON