How we are helping to create jobs and growth in the borough

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Economic growth and job creation is a key priority for Melton Council. We are working to create a borough that businesses feel supports them with their growth plans and will come to and invest in.

We are continually looking for suitable sites to offer quality employment space. For example, the Melton Fields business park in Leicester Road has the potential to 
create 200 new jobs and has been achieved after the 
council secured external funding for its infrastructure.

The creation of jobs though is of little use if we do not have the right people with the right skills to fill them. This is why on Thursday, April 11 we are hosting a jobs fair and Business Advice Open Day.

This is a prime opportunity for employers to discuss current and future skill requirements and for potential employees to get invaluable advice on recruitment and development.

The first new employment opportunities related to the Sainsbury’s development will be revealed by Linsco Recruitment Agency at the jobs fair, where people will be able to register their interest for work on the construction site.

To help support people in applying for the retail jobs at Sainsbury’s when they become available later this year, we will offer opportunities for local people to get training. This will be through courses at the local college or Adult Learning Service, to help local people develop skills to compete successfully for jobs. Skills such as how to complete a job application online, volunteering opportunities to add that little extra to a CV and also theme-based training opportunities to equip people to work in a supermarket.

We know jobs are hard to find at the moment but your council is striving to help our local businesses grow, to attract new businesses and employers and to help put the correct training in place. Our website has lots of useful information for people who are finding it hard to get work. Follow the links to Me and My Work for information on job sites and other useful numbers and links.

The Melton Community
Partnership’s Economic Development Strategy for 2012–2015 is available on the website which will explain how we plan to achieve these aims.