House fire caused by electric cigarette charger

Firefighters were called to tackle a bedroom fire in Swallowdale Road, Melton in the early hours of New Year’s Day after a faulty electric cigarette charger caught alight.

The house suffered some fire damage and moderate smoke damage in the fire, which started at about 1am.

Firefighters from Melton attended along with the Fire Emergency Support Service, run by the Red Cross, which provides support to anyone who has been involved in a fire.

Rob Taylor, watch manager for Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service’s Safer Neighbourhoods Team, said: “It’s not known what caused the charger to catch on fire however, when using chargers for electrical appliances, like a mobile phone, it’s important to not leave them plugged in on bedding or other textiles.

“Also once you have used the charger you should switch it off and try not to use it overnight.”